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New Life creates critical new communications infrastructure

New Life is highly competent in co-ordinating trades, construction machinery and personnel, with over 30 years building experience, much of this being in telecommunications.

We can offer you a complete turn-key construction solution. If no plans exist we can draught them, otherwise we build from your designs, power it up, co-ordinate the riggers, cable layers and other specialist trades associated with the project, and then hand it over, ready to go.

New Life Building was chosen to be part of the original roll-out for Vodafone in the mid 1990s. We still work on Vodafone today, and have handled over 400 projects for this company alone in the past dozen years. Our experience in this sector covers rooftop, greenfield, co-locates and decommissioning projects, as well as one off-jobs such as constructing Telstra’s highly successful ‘Cows’ mobile broadband tower trailers for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Most of the major players in this field have used or are using New Life:


We are equipped to construct remote area sites throughout New South Wales and the A.C.T. as well as metropolitan locations. As we have our own excavator machinery, concrete coring machines, and generators etc, we do all the work ourselves without needing to sub-contract.

New Life Building’s highly motivated on-staff workforce is more conscientious than transient contractors, allowing us to fix any problems that emerge quickly and diligently. It also means we can better control any inconvenience to clients that the building work necessitates.

Our expertise includes building access roads, monopole and tower construction, steel framework, structural cabins, antenna mounts, cabinet support grillage, construction of masonry and flat-pack shelters, plus RF screening and more, along with fencing and road construction too.

Unlike the vast majority of companies undertaking telecommunication infrastructure construction projects today, New Life Building has full Building Contractor Licenses for both New South Wales and the A.C.T. (NSW: 74298C. ACT: 7351). We have also been a member of the Housing Industry of Australia (member number 815070) since 1999.

Most of our competitors in this field are not licensed builders or accredited with an industry-specific peak body, because the way they see it, it’s not mandatory to do so at the moment. But we think a little differently. We believe it’s important for our clients to have the extra peace of mind in knowing that they are dealing with licensed and fully-qualified construction experts.

So for telecommunications infrastructure construction that tunes into your needs, you can rely on New Life.

New Life Building is Sydney-based and operates throughout New South Wales and the ACT, with full Building Licenses for both states.